I usually have trouble finding a good, natural lipgloss because I have very sensitive skin and can break out around my mouth easily.  I’ve been using this for a few days and I’m so happy! No acne and really smooth, hydrated lips.  Love the light glitter of the citrine.  These glosses are a great addition to anyone’s routine!



Love your gloss so much! I got idyllic and im so obsessed, its so pretty and makes my lips so soft!! Will definitely be purchasing more <33



Hi. I never usually write back to a company I bought from but I wanted to write to you guys just to tell you that I love your glosses. It was kinda an impulse buy I'm so glad I ended up buying them. I tend to get really dry lips and these glosses make my lips feel amazing.



Hii!! I just wanted to let you know my package was delivered today!! First of all, the packaging is SOO CUTEE!! I absolutely love my glosses, they smell heavenly and are non sticky. Your prices are absolutely amazing and I will 100% be purchasing again!!!! 



Hey! I just received my order yesterday! I’m IN LOVE with them! I used to look at the reviews and see everyone saying that they’re not sticky and not believing it, I thought that they had to be at least a bit sticky, but NOT AT ALL! I was so pleasantly surprised! The scents are all amazing, not too strong and overpowering, but still there! I'll definitely be coming back for more! I’m impressed by everything I bought, your glosses are amazing, keep up with the good work.



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